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Tai Pan Charter

We sail slowly with the sound of the sea, with the light breeze of late September, catching the true delight of nature. Its history has become ours. We learnt not only how to sail, but also how to work the wood, how to take care of the hull, and how to let myself fall in love with every single journey. We would like to pass this true passion of mine further on to you.

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Let's cruise togheter

And let’s find the magic behind a plate of pasta somewhere off the coast of the Elba Island.

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Our offer

Whether it is a brief escape from everyday life, a unique experience to live on board, or an adventure to better know the sea, our mission is to give you unforgettable moments on board of Tai-Pan.

Long Cruise

Long cruise

An authentic experience for those who wish to live on the sea beyond the Tuscany Archipelago.

Yoga and more

Yoga and more

Along our itineraries, we offer you to discover the islands thanks to a selection of carefully chosen activites based on our experience.

Long Cruise

Short stays

A short adventure for those who wish to take a leap away from the ordinary

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