Who does the galley? Is it included in the price?

Over the years we have developed a method that can save you time and allows us to take the sea not as soon as you get on board. Subject to a small organization of meals on board or off board, usually i Our customers send us a list of what they would like to find on the boat when they arrive. In in this way we will be able to do the shopping before your arrival and let you find the galley ready for departure. Usually our customers let themselves be pampered with what the fish market will give us. Let us know obviously food allergies or restrictions and we will try to arrange accordingly. Alternatively or in addition, you can bring what you prefer directly from home, no problem we will try to organize ourselves in the best possible way, reminding us that the spaces we have available are marine spaces, despite the Tai-Pan has good stowage capacity available. As for the payment, it will only deal the reimbursement of the receipt relating to the raw materials purchased.

Where are you picking us up?

Our advice is to leave your car in Piombino in one of the free or paid parking lots there are available just behind the commercial port ticket office. So that you can embark on foot, I will personally pick you up at the ferry in Portoferraio with my car and I will take you on board ready to leave. Just remember to send me a message indicating the ferry taken and the arrival time on Elba. Thanks to this method you will save the cost of the ferry for the car which is in the high season quite expensive.

Which ferry to take?

The Piombino-Elba route is served by various companies: Moby/Toremar, Blunavy and Corsica-Sardinia Ferries. There the difference is not much in the price, but the timing changes. Blunavy, the slowest ferry, takes around 1h and 20/30min and having a single boat is subject to delays, especially at the end of the day, but the prices are the lowest on the market. Corsica Ferries is the fastest and takes about 40min to make the crossing, but also this company has only one ship so the evening may have accumulated a bit of a delay, even if this occurrence occurs only in the highest season. The price is higher than Blunavy, but competitive with Moby/Toremar, it is advisable to book, you may have discounts. Moby/Toremar have a have an entire fleet of ships available and therefore have the possibility of offering a greater number of departures and their ferries are almost always on time, the crossing time is just over 1h, the price goes up especially on weekends and before long weekends or holidays.

Do I ferry the car?

If you need to ferry your car because you are on a road trip and want to observe the island also by land there are no problems. We usually send you the location of the marina where we hold moored the Tai-Pan and we are waiting for you at the entrance gate to show you the guarded parking where you can leave your car during the entire period of your holiday. The parking space, a few meters away from the boat, it is included in the price of the holiday, you can come and go as you wish, the guard at the gate will have your names. If you need me, I'll be found at the commercial port at Portoferraio so that we can guide you to the marina. They are a few minutes away, but if you need to directions I will be happy to accompany you.

Public transport for Elba?

Elba can only be reached by ferry from the port of Piombino. The Piombino railway station Marittima”, is easily reachable from cities such as Florence, Pisa, but there are also connections from Rome, Genoa, Milan, etc. It is often necessary to change at the Campiglia Marittima station. Remember that the "Piombino Marittima" station is the second stop in the city and is located directly on the commercial port. The train will first stop a few minutes at the "Piombino" stop in the city center, where you will not have to get off, but continue to the end of the line. During the summer there are also several bus connections that connect the port of Piombino with the main Tuscan towns such as: Siena, Florence, Pisa, Grosseto, etc. Hours and availability will be checked as needed and vary from year to year.

Will you pick me up by sea on the mainland?

Compatibly with the times relating to the disembarkation of previous guests and the length of yours cruise it is possible to organize the transfer of the Tai-Pan to one of the ports on the Tuscan coast. More destinations popular are obviously the marina of Salivoli (immediately behind the commercial port of Piombino), the marina of Scarlino, Punta Ala, all places easily reachable from Elba. We can arrange transfers too longer, it depends on your cruise plans. The cruising speed of the boat must be taken into consideration boat, in displacement times can dilate, we can comply with almost any request for this like, but we can't change the course of the boat. There are no additional costs other than those related to the fuel.

What is not included in the price?

The rental price does not include: fuel, stops in ports other than the base port (Portoferraio), galley (if requested), cleaning (fixed cost €50). Usually at the end of the cruise we will make the calculation of the fuel consumed to which we will add the cost of the galley and the ports in which we will have stayed in this way to obtain the total to be reimbursed. As for secondary activities such as diving, canoe rental, jetski, etc, if required, will be charged directly to the customer.

How much fuel does the boat consume?

The Tai-Pan has a cruising speed of 7-8 knots, hourly consumption is around 18l per hour of navigation. So with the current average price of diesel we can estimate around €30 per hour of navigation. An estimate, for it takes about 8 hours to complete the entire tour of the island of Elba, or a crossing from Elba to Corsica takes about 5 hours. Usually, with nautical charts in hand, when we plan your cruise we will give you an estimate of fuel base so you can manage your trip according to your budget.

Can we anchor?

We are passionate about the harbor and it has belonged to our concept of boating since the beginning, but they must be kept in consideration of various aspects that the roadstead involves especially if done with a vintage boat: Movements limited to land, need to save electricity and water. The bay also to be pleasure extreme part of your sea voyage must be carried out in optimal marine weather conditions.

How much do ports cost?

Our base port in Portoferraio is included in the price of your holiday, as far as instead the other landings of the island the cost varies from month to month in high season. The general range on the island of Elba it varies from €50 between June and September up to €90/100 in August. If we move from Elba i prices may vary, for example in Capraia or Giglio the prices in high season can reach €130 for boats the size of the Tai-Pan. Another example, Corsica, on the other hand, generally has higher prices low compared to ours, but the further we go down towards Bonifacio the more they increase up to even exceeding €200 arriving in Sardinia. In general, if you have a clear idea of where you want to sail, you should book with advance, especially in high season, when the demand for berths far exceeds the offer. As for fuel, when we go to plot our course we can give you a proper statement of how much it will be able to affect the port factor on the budget of your vacation.

Do I need to bring my own laundry?

The linen for all members of the group is provided by us and is included in the price bed sheets and a towel for the toilet. The only thing we ask you to bring with you are the towels sea.

Do you have wifi?

Each marina has its own wifi which unfortunately often does not offer a very good connection due to too many utilities connected in high season. Alternatively or for emergencies we can offer you a hotspot via mobile phone.

What do we do if there is bad weather?

The island offers many activities to carry out if the sea conditions do not allow us to go out. We we make available to ensure that this situation does not compromise the success of the holiday. A walk in the most characteristic inhabited centers of the island, a visit to one of the many Elba wineries, a bike ride, we know several guides who could accompany you on fascinating routes, trekking, with visits to abandoned castles surrounded by nature.

Do you have any fishing equipment?

Unfortunately, the Tai-Pan was not born as a fishing boat, it has a cockpit high above the water, not very suitable for this kind of activity; despite this we willingly lend ourselves to small fishing trips. We prefer trolling with fake bait, which in good weather can give small satisfactions, or an afternoon of boiling. Not we have a vast assortment, but we provide you with the bare essentials for small-scale fishing. Unfortunately due to the very nature of the boat we cannot carry out types of fishing such as drifting. We prefer fishing from the water, with our small but well-equipped tender we can take you to small isolated bays where practice spearfishing.

Do you have snorkel gear?

We provide a small assortment of masks with tubes and fins on board, but if more were your approach professional in any case our advice can only be to bring your personal equipment. This in order not to be disappointed if your size is not available or we do not have enough material for it all members of the group.

Do you have life jackets for children?

There are life jackets on board for each member of the crew, as required by law for emergencies. As for the children in addition we have vests made for the bath and for allow even if you are a beginner to enjoy the sea with the whole family. We are used to having guests of all ages, even at their first experiences with the sea and boating, we try to adapt to every genre of request or will also in this field. We also have several pairs of armrests as an alternative to the real jacket, but we leave it up to the parent to decide which method is best for address this important issue regarding safety on board, we will try to make it all easier and more handy.

Do you accept animals on board?

Over the years we have had various experiences with small to medium sized dogs, we do not foresee supplements price for animals. The nautical environment is not suitable for animals that have not been educated in such context. We leave the task of taking care of the animals on board to the owner, taking responsibility for the behavior of the animal and possible damages.

Is it possible to rent the boat without crew?

The Tai-Pan only goes out with its crew, we have been taking care of our guests together for eight seasons to the boat. The crew is an integral part of this very special experience, made up of small attentions and of accurate expectations, trying to share our idea: the "slow sail".

Air conditioning?

The Tai-Pan is a vintage boat, but despite her almost 50 years, continuous improvements have been made in terms of comfort. There is air conditioning, but only in the owner's cabin. As for the bow cabin, has a gullwing hatch that favors the circulation of air in the environment or alternatively we have portable fans for the hottest summer nights, even if rarely they are used.


We have only one internal shower, but the deck shower is more widely used than normally takes on the task of the boat's main shower, both for rinsing off after swimming in the sea and, if there is one necessity, for the evening shower. Each marina has showers that are certainly more comfortable, spacious and with possibilities of running hot water, while on board short showers are necessary and with little water consumption, especially for as for the hot one. In port we generally recommend using this possibility, while for the rada our services are used to the best of possibilities.

Do you have a hair dryer?

We provide a small hairdryer. Navies usually have their own, more efficient and professional.

How does electricity work on boats?

Electricity in boats is a somewhat complicated and very important topic, but with some foresight there is no will prevent you from enjoying your holiday to the fullest. There are two possible conditions: "on the quay", with current supplied by the navy, or "at sea", consuming the energy of our battery bank. The substantial the difference is that with shore power all on-board services are powered constantly with no possibility of exhaustion. While when we are at sea the energy source (batteries) is depleted in based on the amount of services used, especially the fridge and lights. Fully charged and with careful consumption all services can be guaranteed for one night, otherwise we are forced to use our own diesel-powered on-board generator which manages to completely recharge the service counter in about 2 hours. In general, with a little attention on our part with the fridges, we manage to stay as far away from the port as we want, considering that the batteries during navigation are recharged by the engine alternator.

How is the payment made?

Usually a deposit is left upon confirmation of 30% of the total amount by bank transfer banking. The remaining balance together with reimbursement of expenses incurred is paid at the end of the holiday.

Is this a suitable holiday for children?

Our business is inspired by the trips I took as a child with my grandfather. Navigation along the coast e endless baths characterized the day and like then, our holidays are also suitable for children today of any age. Over the years we have had infants up to teenagers on board. Paying attention to the most small we can say that there are no age limits on board.

What is the most suitable clothing?

Summer on Elba is very hot, but characterized by fresh winds from the north which mitigate it, making the pleasant muggy days. We always tell our guests that they only need a beach towel, a suit, a mask and snorkel. In the evening sometimes a little humidity falls and a light sweater may be needed, especially in June or September. During the day, as mentioned, all you need is a swimsuit and a t-shirt. Self decide to consider holidaying in October, then perhaps a jacket against the wind and a long trousers for the evening could be useful, in which case we will take blankets out of the lockers for the evening that sometimes begins with the arrival of autumn to get cooler and cooler.

Can shoes be used on board?

Life on board is barefoot. Bare foot. We have a large shoe basket for all the crew that if necessary, it can be placed on the quay for greater comfort when entering and exiting the boat.